— Agree­ment reached. Could you do bet­ter?

— Yes.

We are Consensus Building Agency, we specialize in development of the capability to reach agreements — the consensus building capability of a person, team or organization. We help parties to reach agreements and gain such value from them that no alternative solution could compete. We believe that consensus building capability of a person, team or organization is critical when it comes to overcoming contradictions and making beneficial deals, no matter who your vis-à-vis is and no matter what issues are on your list.

“The effect of cost optimization was estimated in tens of millions of dollars. I strongly recommend CBA to everyone striving to achieve maximum results”

Petr Ivantsov Head of legal support “VympelCom”

We focus on both sides of orga­ni­za­tional contour.

To be successful, you have to be able to build consensus with all kinds of counterparties (clients, suppliers, partners) as well as colleagues inside the company (members of your top-team, cross — functional or project team). We call this internal and external sides of organizational contour — and help to maximize your efficiency for both.

  • The External

    СВА can help you to negotiate better terms. We conduct negotiations for our clients, provide in-field coaching and classroom training for negotiators. All our consultants have practical experience of negotiating deals worth of millions of dollars, they have also studied in the best universities, e. g. Harvard, to master their negotiation skills. We do have a lot to share and we are able to empower your team of negotiators.

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  • The Internal

    СВА enhances alignment within your team. We help teams to develop collaboration rules and stick to them, which leads to better business results. We diagnose status-quo, conduct high performance team development session and help team-leaders find a key to improving the performance and motivation of each member of their teams. All our consultants have a hands-on experience in building and managing successful teams in business and sport. Our expertise in team development is also certified by several large international companies. We are able to boost your team’s performance and maximize its results.

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Team. The Pro­fes­sional

Theory should always go hand in hand with practice. CBA consultants increasingly embrace two core competencies: personal business experience and up-to- date expertise in learning and development.

We studied extensively at CIPD UK, Harvard, Henkel Academy, Mars University, Center for Effective Dispute Resolution.

We do have something meaningful to share. Our ongoing efforts at doing something every day to become better allow us to provide maximum value for our clients.

Alexey Nazarov
Managing partner, negotiated international NPP deals at “Rosatom Overseas”, CIPD Member from 2005.
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Alexander Shestak
Partner, studied negotiations and mediation on 4 Harvard Law School programs, negotiated large deals with major FMCG market players.
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Dmitri Akmaikin
Partner, mediator, Harvard Law School regular from 2013, 10+ projects of negotiation supervision, 50+ projects of representing client’s interests in deals, average ROI in HPN of more than 3000 %.
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Our Clients


In 2016 we conducted a number of coaching sessions for the leader of negotiating team helping him to make a breakthrough in highly complicated negotiation, which was nearly blocked. As a result the deal became a reality, several months of unproductive work were saved, and the effect of cost optimization was estimated in tens of millions of dollars.


In 2010 — 2011 we implemented a development project for Sberbank key account managers. Their executives estimated that the total amount of additional deals the bank signed with corporate clients during 18 months after the program was about 52 billions of roubles.

Schaller Moscow

In 2009 our assessment and development project led to an 8% increase in average margin of deals, a 15% increase in successful to unsuccessful tender ratio during the first month after the program — leading to a 30% increase three months later.

Our client list uncludes Yandex, Rosatom, Mars and other leading companies.

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